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Contract Website Management Services

Web management services from can save you time, aggravation, and money.

The trouble with most websites, is the fact that they go largely unattended. The biggest marketing mistake on the Internet is sites that are never updated or maintained. If there is no reason for your visitors to keep coming back... they won't.

The cause is generally lack of resources. Not everyone can afford a fulltime Webmaster, until now!

Whether you are a small entrepreneur, or a larger company, let be your Webmaster. The cost is far less than a fulltime employee.

From continual search engine submissions to content and design management, can take care of every detail. Let our staff stay on top of your site.

Contact us today to arrange for the amount of site management you need. We have provided a table below to help you budget for your needs.

See just how affordable a fulltime Webmaster and D.B.A. can be!

You don't have to pay benefits, workman's compensation and you don't need to worry about backup when your Webmaster needs a vacation. We've got the staff to cover you.

Note that on our Pre-Paid Annual service you pay for only ten months and get 2 Months Free! Hours to be used in the month applied.

Hourly RateHours per monthMonthly CostAnnual Single costPre-Paid Annual
95.00 1 95.00 1,140.00 950.00
90.25 5 451.25 5,415.00 4,512.50
85.74 10 857.38 10,288.50 8,573.75
81.45 15 1,221.76 14,661.11 12,217.59
77.38 20 1,547.56 18,570.74 15,475.62
73.51 25 1,837.73 22,052.76 18,377.30
69.83 30 2,095.01 25,140.14 20,950.12
66.34 40 2,653.68 31,844.18 26,536.82