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Random Thoughts
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, youre right!"
-Henry Ford
"Thank you so much!! After having failed miserably on more than one occasion trying to build a site, a friend introduced me to starsnsites."
Bill Swearingen

WPS Construction

Thank you so much!!  After having failed miserably on more than one occasion trying to build a site, a friend introduced me to starsnsites.  For this I will be forever grateful.  Patient and professional, they can make an inter-net rookie look like a seasoned pro.

Koi Depot of San Diego

Our first Web site was developed before Starsnsites was in full-time production.  Michael was still in Radio & Television, and we like to think that we broke him out of the Media to tackle the Internet on a full-time basis.

We are quite happy with the "Modular" approach to building Web sites, as it has allowed us to continually grow on on-line presence.

Thanks to the Staff at Starsnsites!

Koi Enterprise

We have used StarsnSites for many years now, and every time we have a new challenge, their developers have met it.

The Staff at Starsnsites have created many custom web applications for us over the years, and we look forward to more in the years to come.

New England Koi and Pond Supply

We have worked with Starsnsites since 2004, and they have taken us into a very competitive position in the Internet Market Place.

They not only take pride in their work, but they spend the time explaining things step-by-step, so that we could make better choices for our Marketing and on-line presence.

We look forward to continuing with Starsnsites, and look forward to their next innovation!.

Salt Lake Koi & Pond Company

When we began our business one of our first priorities was to find a website developer that could help our business grow. We began to surf the Internet and found that almost every one of the major Koi dealer’s websites were developed by StarsnSites. So, we contacted Michael.  After a few discussions with him, we knew that we had found the expert in the field that we were looking for, and his expertise was not only in web design but also in the Koi industry – the perfect combination for our needs.

Michael spent hours with us helping, advising, and mentoring us as we put together the look and feel of the website.  He also advised us on how best to construct the site to meet not only our needs and desires, but the needs and desires of our customers. He gave us examples of good things to do that would enhance the website, make it easier to navigate, bring more traffic to our site, make the categories more accessible and the products easy to find, as well as things that would detract or make it difficult for our customers.

The result was a customer friendly, easy to navigate, informative, aesthetically pleasing, and professional appearing website to represent our business to the public. We couldn’t be more please – unless he expanded the SKU field to more than 11 characters.