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Web Hosting Platforms

Now, that you understand web hosting service, it’s important to understand different types of web hosting platforms. The company we recommend, NetFronts, offers both Windows and Linux platforms.

Many users automatically assume they need a Windows platform since that is the program they run on their PC.

Most websites are hosted on a Linux operating system because your web hosting platform is completely unrelated to the Windows program that runs on your own computer. We have laid out a table below to see the differences between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting.


The Windows web hosting platform was developed by Microsoft, the creator of the popular Word and Excel programs. Its strength lies in its compatibility.

A Windows programmer can leverage existing knowledge and easily incorporate COM objects and data access directly into web applications. Microsoft Access and SQL Server are very easy to manipulate using ASP.

The price to run Windows is the major drawback as licensing fees are exorbitant.

Linux evolved from Unix and is one of the most popular operating systems on the Internet. Linux is considered more stable and less expensive to maintain because most of the software the operating system uses is open source.

In theory, open source software is a more useful and flawless end product because it was created through the collective work of many programmers all over the world.

In case you were wondering, this does not mean that your files are not secure and protected; it just means that the software that runs the computer was developed by many contributing programmers. Popular open source technologies you may be familiar with include PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML.