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Voice Talent Resource Links

Moryaarts, is a premium portal enabling users an instant access to various offers under one roof, all related to art, acting and modeling. Register at, Submit Your Portfolio online & Get Your Webpresence now.

  • BackStage.Com    - The Performance Arts Resource - news and articles on agents, personal managers, auditions, casting notices across the US, performance tips, and other crucial information. More services available to subscribers.
  • The Voiceover Cyberstation   - An indespensible resource for voice artists. Features a discussion board, bookstore, voiceover-related links database, directory, free J-Card templates, marketing and promotions center, and demo duplication services. The best place to commune with voiceover professionals worldwide.
  • Acting Resources - Links on books, industry publications, and acting in New York City. []
  • Acting Workshop On-line (AWOL) - Valuable and beneficial resource for beginning actors, with vital and practical information every actor needs to know. Features an extensive list of instructional books on acting, articles, and a large treasury of acting-related links.
  • Actingbiz - The Online Actors Resource - Provides free acting information and resources for actors and actresses of all ages. Includes articles about agents, managers, casting directors, auditions, and other aspects of the industry.
  • A.F.T.R.A. - "The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists." Union representing professional actors, dancers, singers, and broadcasters. Features: news (contracts; newsletters; forums); performance rates covering all mediums; FAQs; industry links; forums; agents list; and negotiations updates.
  • - Many free articles, instruction, workshops, advice, radio software, and streaming audio for radio professionals everywhere. Also features the complete "Whole O Catalogue" full of career-enhancing publications.
  • Future Casting 2000: Talent/Crew Directory & Auditions - Directory of talent and crew for hire for film, tv and theater. A free resource for casting professionals looking for talent/crew for their next production. Site also includes: list of auditions and talent agencies, discussion forums, live chat, and a free newsletter.
  • International Dialects of English Archive - Collection of freely downloadable recordings of real people speaking English in their own native accents and dialects. Nearly 300 4-minute MP3 samples available.
  • The Left Coast Showcase - Los Angeles, California based showcases providing actor services - getting connected to agents, managers and casting directors.
  • Media Guilds International - An umbrella non-profit organization providing networking and resources for voice actors and on-camera talent, including seminars, workshops and showcases.
  • The Online Communicator: The Voice Lab - Includes training tools to develop vocal skill, plus annotated, downloadable voice performance samples for study. Also explores artificial voice synthesis and its implications for human actors.
  • The Screen Actors Guild - Union representing film and television performers. Offers a number of services to its members, such as news, calendar of events, contract information, and a list of franchised agents. Of interest to non-members: glossary of entertainment industry terminology; informative articles, listing of past/present SAG award-winners/nominees, and related links.
  • SF Audio Net - San Francisco, CA. Provides an educational and networking resource for both professionals and students in the field of digital audio production.
  • Stars N - Collection of voice talent, radio talent and voice actors. Web design services for cost effective and professional web pages.
  • The Voice Doctor - Alternative therapy for voice disorders based on a psychological interpretation of the condition.
  • Voice Over On Camera Talent Network - Peer group within Media Guilds International helping voice over and on camera talent in both broadcast and non-broadcast productions can become more visible, and make a difference for the profession and for others.
  • Voicecaster Ltd. - UK-based company providing information, advice and training on voice-over and television presentation skills.
  • The Voices In Your Head - A service and support-oriented company that assists advertisement agencies, talent agencies and voice actors to reach their specialized goals and fulfill their unique needs.
  • - Providing affording, high-quality, streaming audio website design for voiceover professionals.
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