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 Peter M. Verderosa - Voice Talent
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Contact Phone 203-359-1255
Soft-Sell Yes!
Hard-Sell Yes!
Corporate/Industrial Yes!
Character Voices Yes!
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Born in 1944, Peter was educated in the public school system in Stamford, CT. He obtained his high school diploma in 1962; a graduate of Stamford High School. He worked as a photo-finishing technician and then went on to! be Staff Photographer for the Greenwich Times newspaper in nearby Greenwich, CT. During his U.S. Army service from 1965 to 1967, he served as an aircraft armament repair instructor at the U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School in Maryland. He received special commendations as a teacher there, and was invited to stay on as a civilian, government service instructor. Instead, he took a technical position with the research and development division of Columbia Broadcasting Systems, and was with the team that developed Electronic Video Recording for Dr. Peter Goldmark, inventor of the long-playing record and the first sequential-scan color television. Since leaving C.B.S. in 1971, Peter has worked primarily in his mainstay, the photo-sciences, and more recently in retail as the owner/manager of an intermediate sized sales outlet where he did all of his own printed, public-address and broadcast advertising. From 1974 to 1987, Peter also worked for WSTC Radio in Stamford, CT as an air-personality, script writer and producer of promos, commercials and public service announcements. During that time, and more recently as well, he attended an acting workshop, worked in cable TV, and taught himself how to effectively use graphic and audio applications on the computer (he has two professional CD layouts to his credit). Also, he was co-host of a controversial weekly political TV program, and has done quite a few TV and radio interviews. He has always been very comfortable and confident before the cameras or in front of a microphone. He works well in a studio setting, alone or with other voice talent, often helping to get the best out of others. He has also acted as master of ceremonies at various functions and promotional gatherings, so he is indeed effective in front of a large, live audience. Over the years, Peter has done voice work for many advertisers. He was once chosen to voice-act in a dialogue for a Disneyland multimedia presentation with the renowned! voice-artist, Peter Thomas. Peter Verderosa’s technical expertise, his hunger for knowledge in many areas, and his intuitive and artistic sense make him a true “renaissance man”. He is the kind of person who consistently speaks the words of a fine script in a way that makes the evoked visualization stay in the mind of the target listener. As you might guess, he is especially good with narrations for medical or the scientific. But don’t let that fact deter you from hiring him to deliver a warm or even tender read that can truly reach and stay with your listener.




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