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Web Site Modules and Plugins

Web Site Modules and Plugins

Starsnsites has developed a system of Modules and Plugins that allow you to customize your web site needs.

You can add as many as you need, and leave what you don't, without breaking the bank. We offer most of these modules to both our clients, and to people who already have their own Web site and want to take advantage of some great ad on features.

The Modules Options Explained:

  • The "Base" Module is for Starsnsites Web sites, and includes installation at no additional charge.
  • The "Stand-Alone" Module is for Non-Starsnsites Web sites, and is sent via email, or download, and you or your Web Master install it.
  • The "Installed" Module option is for Non-Starsnsites Web sites, and we will install it for you on your host's server.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the Online Support Chat, or by e-mail.

Pond Calculator Module  FREESHIPALT

Pond Calculator Module

Starsnsites has developed a series of well-known, and widely used, Online Pond Calculators.

We have often heard our clients say; "I use them myself to help figure out a pond project when I am speaking to my customers!"

The Online Pond Calculators have been immitated, but none have ever duplicated them, and we now offer them, not only to our existing customers, but as a Stand-Alone option to be licensed by anybody who wishes to use them on their Web site.

You can try our Calculators out, if you are not familiar with them, by clicking on the links.

  • Online Pond Calculators will keep your customers coming back to your site as a reference point
  • They will help your customers make purchase decisions
  • They create "Good Will" by showing your customers you care enough to help them find answers

Current Available Calculators Included In this module:

  1. Conversion Calculators (Unit conversions)
  2. Pond Planning Calculator (Volume, Pump Size, Liner size and more)
  3. Pond Salinity Calculator
  4. Pump Cost Calculator
  5. TDH Calculator (Total Dynamic Head )
Item #: 310
Pond Calculator Module
Suggested Price $ 499.99
Our Price: $ 299.99
Item #: 311
Pond Calculator Module Stand-Alone
Suggested Price $ 749.99
Our Price: $ 449.99
Item #: 312
Pond Calculator Module Installed
Suggested Price $ 999.99
Our Price: $ 599.99

Random Quotes Module  FREESHIPALT

Random Quotes Module

Starsnsites Random Quotes Module can be put to use in very creative ways. The Random Quotes Module allows you to add interesting little tidbits of content throughout your site, keeping visitors on your site longer.

Use it for Random Koi and Water Garden Fatcs, use it for helpful tips, or add additional sales messages.

  • The Content and keywords from theRandom Quotes Module will add weight to the Search Engine Optimization of your pages.
  • Random quotes and text would make it appear as though your pages are regularly updated, bumping your search ranking up.
  • Supports an unlimited number of quotes.
  • Adds lively changes to your to your web pages on a regular basis to keep your visitors from getting bored.

Avialable as an installed upgrade to your current Starsnsites web site project, a Stand-Alone zip file which you install, or we can install it for you on your site.

Note: PHP and MySQL are required for Stand-Alone versions.

Item #: 300
Random Quotes Module
Suggested Price $ 149.99
Our Price: $ 89.99
Item #: 301
Random Quotes Module Stand-Alone
Suggested Price $ 224.99
Our Price: $ 134.99
Item #: 302
Random Quotes Module Installed
Suggested Price $ 299.98
Our Price: $ 179.99